Welcome to Corner-to-Crest

We are certain that you have come to this site to see what our stage notes are like. So without any hold-up, here you go:    Demonstration notes, for both gravel and tarmac are available by clicking on the links below.   How we make them is further down the page, but we are guessing, you want to see them and an accompanying video before anything else.

Tarmac Gravel
Demo notes for Tarmac Demo notes for Gravel
Video for Demo Tarmac Notes Video for Demo Gravel Notes

Invoices / payment for the notes is through the parent company “Elite Training Services Ltd”, and credit card facilities are available if these suit.   Once you have the notes, all the stage video footage (from the data collection run) is up online on the Corner-to-Crest YouTube channel   

Order Form for Targa NZ 2021  ( 25th – 29th May 2022 )

Targa South Island, 22nd – 23rd October 2022    -yet to be developed.  -Awaiting confirmation of stages

Silver Fern Rally, 19th – 26th November 2022    -yet to be developed.


Any questions, contact us on  08001ELITE  (0800 135483)  or email us at  troy@cornertocrest.co.nz  or  kyla@cornertocrest.co.nz


So, who are we?

A long time coming…..

After many discussions with co-competitors in both gravel and tarmac rallying, it became clear that there was a lack of competition in the writing and development of pre-made stage notes here in NZ.  Although, there is no way to develop notes that will suit every competitor perfectly, the aim was to simply develop stage notes that were accurate and contained the information required.

The final decision to start the company came from Covid-19 (if something good can actually come from that mess). Due to a nationwide lockdown, and then a huge extension to the Auckland lockdown, there was no way the current Auckland-based company could drive the stages for two of the upcoming URG (Ultimate Rally Group) events. So with one door closing, another always opens……so we are told.

Troy, already having been a partner in a Rope Access company, and currently owning a training company that focuses in the high-risk areas of Rope Access, Technical Rescue, and Heights and Confined Space work, felt that with a select group of motorsport comrades, and a true risk-based focus, that they could build something successful. So the investment was made.

Although Troy & Kyla have rallied for some time, both individually, and as a crew together, it was felt best to bring in another person that has been at the pointy-end of the field in both gravel and tarmac events.  This brought Glenn Inkster into the crew. Glenn has an excellent understanding of the equipment, and has been producing his own gravel notes for some time. Glenn is the one that breaks the data down into the first version of the notes –and into the bite-size sections for the co-driver to call.  Glenn and Troy are both fastidious, and this has led to long discussions over the smallest piece of data, and this is the level of accuracy that they were both after from this business.

Corner-to-Crest uses a mechanical-based computer system to gather the data for their stage notes. Using steering-angle input, along with GPS and G-Force data where required.      So how does this work? and why should the end-user be interested?

Using a steering-angle based system, the drivers input into the steering directly relates to the notes corner angle -in the same way that drivers mark their steering wheel with numbered tape for recce in a large gravel rally (eg NZRC).  This system gives consistent results, regardless of the reconnaissance vehicle speed changes, due to traffic or intersections that the vehicle may encounter during the data collection reconnaissance.

In order to fulfil our obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, and the General Risk and Workplace Management Regulation 2016, in the development of these stage notes, all stages have been fully driven multiple times. The notes (Version 1) are produced after the initial drive through, and then the stages are tested with the notes versus the video multiple times, and further changes made. Once all parties believe the notes are ready for the final test, the stage is driven again, with the notes being called during that drive-through (by Troy’s normal co-driver Kyla)….. and inadvertently, further changes are made to “polish” the notes again.   Final amendments are made, and the book you will hold in your hand at the event was then produced.

As you can see from reading the above, we have taken steps so far as reasonably practicable to ensure that these stage notes are accurate, clear, and legible.

Have a peek at the demonstration stages on the links at the top of this page.    All the best out there.