About Elite Training Services

Elite Training Services Limited was forged from customer demand to train their staff to the same level of ability that commercially we were providing them as a working contractor.  Not being a generic broad spectrum training organisation has allowed us to focus solely on our core business, which is Working at Heights & Confined Space.  With work in these areas, Permit-to-Work is always an industry requirement -so we teach PTW from a working background.  This has proved to allow trainees a far better understanding of permitting systems across a wide range of industrial workplaces.

If the course is run on your site, Elite Training Services can customise courses to your individual clients requirements, while ensuring that the fundamentals are still met to obtain the qualification required by you for industry compliance.  We prefer this, as trainees are actually interested and engaged in the course.  This also tends to ensure that more course information is retained by the trainees -as it was their course, and not simply a  genericly run model.

So what makes Elite Training Services Ltd different?

Have a look at our “Meet our Trainers” page, and you will see the backgrounds that our trainers have, that makes Elite Training stand out from all the other training companies out there.  It’s our working backgrounds:  Rope Access Technitians,  NDT (non-disctructive thickness) testers,  Engineers,  Fire-Fighters,  Rescue Workers (SAR)

Thank-you for taking the time to understand the focus and direction of Elite Training Services.

T  Twomey

Troy Twomey
Managing Director