Rescue Equipment

Customised Rescue Kit’s

$1080.00 – $1280.00 + GST, up to whatever required


Elite Training Services and Ropeworks make customised rescue kits for either height or confined space rescue situations.

Height Rescue:  These can be a short hauling kit, which allows the rescuer to lift the patient off whatever system they may be hanging or caught in. Once the patient is “de-loaded” from their current situation, the rescue kit allows the rescuer to lower them to the ground, or any level below. We build these with several methods of deployment. They can immediately connect to an existing rope-based system, or can be employed “stand-alone”

Confined Space Rescue: These kits are designed around hauling as the principle method of retrieval.   Whether by connecting to a workers current rope-based system, and using this to haul them up and out, or using the rescue kit as a “stand-alone” rescue system.

The more information supplied to us, the more customized the rescue kit can be.