Permit to Work and Health & Safety Training

Working with PCTI (Pacific Coast Technical Institute), we have developed an NZQA approved “Training Scheme” (NZQA Ref: C30684) for our Permit-To-Work training course.

PTW Course Aim: To give the trainees the necessary skills and knowledge to complete a permit-to-work within your workplace. To understand the responsibilities of both the permit issuer and permit receiver. Also to understand the fundimental components and reasons for specific work permit types within different workplaces.

PTW Course Costs:  $310.00 + GST per trainee

H&S Course aims: To lift the standards of Health and Safety within your workplace. To create workers who take an active role in hazard identification, and their suitable controls. Build knowledge that can assist in creating an effective Health and Safety Representative, who will work with both employer and employee to create a safer workplace.

Through our partnership with PCTI (Pacific Coast Technical Insitiute), we offer a range of Health and Safety training courses.

Regardless of whether you are new to the world of health and safety, or if you are a Health and Safety Manager within a large workplace. We can tailor a training package to suit you and your team.

Clients pick the pathway that they desire the training to follow.

The most common courses are based on the following subjects:
-Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements
-Demonstrate knowledge of prevention & management of Occupation Overuse Syndrome in the workplace
-Apply safe manual handling techniques in the workplace
-Apply safe work practices in the workplace
-Produce an occupational health and safety Incident Investigation
 17602; Apply hazard identification, and risk assessment procedures in the workplace
 17588 & 17590 Permit to Work; Apply for, accept, and carry out work according to a work permit & Issue worksite specific work permits.  We have worked with PCTI to develop a NZQA approved training scheme (NZQA Ref C30684) for Permit to Work, including Hazard Identification.
-Demonstrate knowledge of Fire & Emergency Warden Duties in the Workplace
-Operate energy and chemical plant personal safety systems

Specialist training in HSNO, Approved Handler, Drug & Alcohol, Fire Suppression, PPE Inspection, First Aid etc, is available on request. These all have specialist trainers that are called in for their specific subject knowledge.

For more information or to book a course, please contact us today