Don’t get stuck in a tight spot, check out our Confined Space courses to maximizes safety and hazard awareness while working in confined spaces.

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Don’t get yourself tied up heights. Let us help simplify your height work with fully customised courses to meet your working requirements.

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Get a grip on your company’s Health & Safety procedures. Allow us to train your staff in a wide range of H&S skills. From one day courses through to National Certificates.

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Lift your company’s driver skills and save on insurance with our Advanced Driver Training, tailored to your needs.

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Partnership Ropeworks

Being able to take a break from training and work on rope keeps us sane and up to date.

Partnership SCIRT

We have a training partnership with the “Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team”.

Equipment Sales

With a select group of suppliers, we can offer excellent equipment pricing. But our best deal is our advice.


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At Elite Training, our trainers don’t just have the basic height qualifications. We all hold technical Rope Access and Advanced Rope-Rescue qualifications, and have a passion for height work. We enjoy what we do and what we teach.

That passion shows through in our training.


There’s a difference in the training, when the instructor has actually done the work they are teaching. That’s the Elite Training “point of difference”. Our trainers work within the industry. Our partnership with Ropeworks Ltd keeps us busy, working on rope, between our training work.


With our working arm conducting regular Confined Space Entries for Non-Destructive Thickness Testing and Internal Inspections; Auditing / Consultancy and Practical Rescue accessing (“testing” of rescue plans); Anchor Installation and Re-certification.

We continually keep our industry experience up-to-date.


With our specialist work taking us to many different industrial sites: Gas-lines, within underground pipeline and service tunnels; Process vessels in a range of industries, from Dairy through to Cement Manufacture; Paper Mills through to Food Productions Vessels.

This allows us to customise training and fully understand a client’s requirements.


With over 50 years of combined experience as full time Fire Fighters, the Elite Training specialist trainers have skills like Hazard ID, Incident Investigation, Breathing Apparatus, Fire Suppression and First Aid. These guys bring the skills to your workplace.

It all started with our South Island Manager (Kevin), a Senior Station Officer in Christchurch. We noticed what having Fire Fighters on board does for realistic training. We now have five on the payroll


We have all heard “Health & Safety training is boring!”… Well, nobody can say they have never been part of, or party to an accident or incident. We use these past experiences to bring out a trainees own knowledge of Health & Safety. It is using a trainees past experience, and our experience in the industry, that we keep trainees interested. With our backgrounds, we have all, unfortunately, been part of Incident Investigation (root cause analysis). Whether that be within vehicle accidents or patient recovery within Search & Rescue situations.

When it goes wrong, we want to prevent it happening again.


A passion for Motorsport has been running through the Manager’s (Troy) blood since he can remember. His wife is no different. Troy put her on a track in a race car, threw some coaching at her and now she has her own race car. Troy’s passion allowed him to be selected for an advanced “Train the trainer” course in vehicle dynamics & handling, which he found enlightening. Since then, Troy has coached race drivers and corporate’s alike.


If not simply to be a better driver, many insurance companies offer substantial discounts (up to 25%) on their premiums to drivers that have undergone Advanced Driver Handling training. A certificate in Advanced Driver Handling (skid control) can be the difference between getting insurance, or not, for their performance vehicle.